About Us


McReal Online Networks Services Limited (McReal or McReal Online for short) is the developer and owner of IkotaSc.com. A world-class web design and top-end web hosting services provider, McReal Online is also an award-winning and one of the pioneer accredited registrars of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA) for .ng domain names.

The company, which has been successfully operating in the country's Internet space for close to 20 years now, opened its Lagos-Office in Ikota Shopping Complex (the Complex) in the last week of January 2020.  Operating in the Complex, McReal Online soon quickly recognized what difference and immense help an online Internet-based directory will be to businesses in the Complex and the Internet public as a whole.

With this need gap identified, it was not a difficult decision for McReal Online to commit to building such a directory. IkotaSc.com was designed and McReal Online - World-Class Web Designs | Top-End Web Hostingbuilt to serve businesses in the Complex and their potential and prospective customers, as well as the Internet public as a whole.

Business owners can enlist their businesses in IkotaSc.com, choosing either the free directory listing plan or any of the premium ones. Depending on the chosen plans, further details of businesses and their products/services can be added, allowing the public to easily search and find potential suppliers. Both businesses in the complex and those outside of it can also advertise their products and services on IkotaSc.com, effectively reaching prospective customers.

Interested parties, prospective customers, and virtually anyone can freely access IkotaSc.com on any device to search for and contact the providers of desired products and services.

McReal Online has provided IkotaSc.com as a resource and sincerely hope it makes an immense and helpful difference.